• December 6, 2023
 Nigel Shepherd on “No Fault Divorce”

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Nigel Shepherd on “No Fault Divorce”

The latest Today’s Family Lawyer podcast welcomes Nigel Shepherd on to discuss his role in, and view of, the implementation of The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act (2020), best know as “No Fault Divorce.”

Nigel has ardently campaigned for over 20 years to reform divorce law; work which has seen him be the only person to have chaired Resolution twice; from the first Law Commission consultation in 1996, through to the act receiving Royal Assent in 2020, and implementation in April 2022, a momentous day.

Through the course of the discussion Nigel shares insight into how he and Resolution shaped the legislation, and whether it has fulfilled its promise and delivered a simpler, and fairer way to divorce.

Nigel also reflects on the societal changes that have impacted the journey. A vocal element of the opposition to reform in the 90’s raised concerns that reform would make divorce easier, an issue that Nigel indicates was much more marginal now. “Divorce is more ‘acceptable now'” suggests Nigel as society has changed in the intervening period.

This insight into one of the pivotal changes of the law in recent memory is a fascinating listen as Nigel shares his thoughts on the consequences, intended and unintended of The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act (2020).

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