Changes to Family Procedure Rules encourage the use of non-Court dispute resolution

The media has recently reported that mediation is “revolutionising British business and Family Courts … in avoiding litigation and providing mutually agreeable solutions”. It is easy to see how this has come about with Court backlogs and the cost of living crisis, meaning that there is less money available for expensive litigation, and with legislation […]

The case for compulsory mediation in family law cases in Scotland: will it help ease the creaking system, or is it a step too far?

The issue of compulsory mediation is exercising legal minds on both sides of the Border and, as the appetite for change in Scotland increases, the matter of its feasibility or desirability becomes ever more relevant. Mediation is an assisted negotiation, where parties voluntarily attend a neutral venue with a third-party who facilitates communication between them. […]

Cohabitation law reform in 2024

Call for early legal advice to soften blow of divorce

By Richard Kershaw of Hunters Law The clamour for reform of “cohabitation law” is a misnomer. Because there isn’t a codified system of law in existence that’s in need of reform; rather there’s a disjointed and unsatisfactory amalgam of legislation which combines to produce an incomprehensible, barely navigable framework. If family law in the widest […]

Changes to the Family Procedure Rules – non-court dispute resolution is (almost) inescapable

The changes will place additional expectations on parties going through relationship and familial breakdown, family practitioners and the courts themselves to continually consider whether cases are suitable for non-court dispute resolution (NCDR). Background and the ongoing drive for non-court dispute resolution The drive for NCDR is not new. It has been spurred in recent years […]

Optimising Financial Operations: Strategies for Large Firms

The dynamic nature of the legal industry presents enterprise law firms with distinct challenges in managing their financial operations effectively. From complex billing structures to stringent regulatory requirements, navigating the intricacies of financial management requires strategic foresight and innovative solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore key strategies that large law firms can implement to […]

The importance of performance management over appraisals

Today's Family Lawyer Podcast

Hamza Hafesji, Group Product Manager at Advanced Legal, joins the latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast to discuss the importance of implementing a culture of performance management in a business. For years the only time most employees receive any sort of constructive feedback has been in an annual appraisal. For Hamza, something has to fundamentally change and […]

Factors influencing organisations’ decisions to bring cases to the civil and family courts

A report summarising the findings of a qualitative study on the factors influencing organisations’ decisions to bring cases to the civil and family courts. The Ministry of Justice commissioned Ipsos UK to conduct a qualitative research study with organisations (including solicitors and commercial organisations) that bring cases to the civil and family court. It explores […]

Celebrating 10 years of same-sex marriage

Ten years ago, on 29 March 2014, Peter McGraith and David Cabreza became the first same-sex couple to get married in England & Wales. This was following the introduction of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which put marriage equality for the LGBTQ+ community on our statute books for the first time. The movement […]

Empowering neurodivergent individuals in the family law system

Family law proceedings can be daunting for anyone, but for neurodivergent individuals, the legal landscape can seem particularly challenging. This blog will explore the practical ways neurodivergent individuals can be supported in family proceedings to enable them to engage effectively and give their best evidence. From early identification of neurodiversity, third-party support, and court instructions […]

What clients want…

Today's Family Lawyer Podcast

This latest podcast from Today’s Family Lawyer explores the perennial question on the minds and lips of most businesses… what do clients really want? A report from Law Firm Marketing Club does just that. Now in it’s 4th year, “What Clients Want” is an extensive piece of research which asks consumers of legal services what […]

Information Commissioner’s Office sets out priorities to protect children’s privacy online

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is calling on social media and video-sharing platforms to improve their data protection practices so children are safer when using their services. This comes as the regulator sets out its 2024-2025 priorities for protecting children’s personal information online. Since the introduction of its Children’s code of practice in 2021, the […]

Guest Post: Are Paralegals striving only toward becoming solicitors?

By Amanda Hamilton, Patron of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) Working as a paralegal offers invaluable opportunities to hone practical skills essential for a career in law, and for many, this is the path they take to becoming a solicitor. Paralegals play a vital role in law firms, providing essential support to solicitors […]

A day in the life as a family lawyer

Today is Monday, well its actually Tuesday as we’ve just had the Easter bank holiday but feels like Monday and now my whole week will be out of sync, with the added benefit that I have a whole week of work to fit into four days! I open the emails… the first task is to […]

Family Procedure Rules update – effective from 9th April

Today's Family Lawyer Podcast

Marc Etherington joins the latest Today’s Family Lawyer Podcast to discuss the upcoming changes to the Family Procedure Rules which will further embed non-court dispute resolution (NCDR) in the family justice and courts services. Marc, the Legal Director at Rayden Solicitors, and a member of Resolution’s National Committee, explains how The Family Procedure (Amendment No […]

Law firms remain resilient in tough economic times – The Law Society

the law society graphic

Against a tough economic backdrop and with the cost of living rising sharply, law firms saw profits go only marginally down, according to the Law Society’s Financial Benchmarking Survey that provides an overview of the financial performance of the legal sector. The research shows that profits per equity partner continued the pre-COVID trend, with median […]

Column: Changes in divorce and the rise of the prenup

In recent years, we have seen a number of changes in the way we ‘do’ divorce in the UK. Below, Joanna Farrrands, Partner and Family Solicitor at Moore Barlow explores some of the major trends that have emerged over the last three years or so, and what we can reasonably conclude from them. Lies, damned […]