Information for Contributors

Our audience

Today’s Family Lawyer is read by family lawyers in the majority. Our readership also includes mediators, regulators, charities, industry bodies, academics, government agencies, and suppliers to the industry.

As such, we ask contributors to write in a B2B style rather than aiming their work at consumers.

Types of contribution

Today’s Family Lawyer publishes a variety of content from a diverse range of contributors.

Popular content includes advisory pieces for other practitioners, opinion pieces, case commentaries, updates in the law or processes, reviewing reforms, commentary on wider trends in the sector, and more.

If you are interested in becoming a regular columnist, please email

Listed below are some themes, however these aren’t prescriptive and if you would like to contribute please do just reach out.

Editorial themes – 2024

  • January – ADR
  • February – Cohabitation
  • March – Surrogacy & fertility
  • April – Careers in family law
  • May – Digital assets
  • June – Parental alienation
  • July – Technology in family law
  • August – Legal aid
  • September – Domestic abuse
  • October – Burnout & wellbeing
  • November – AML
  • December – 2025 predictions



  • January – Divorce month
  • February – Cohabitation – the current position and reform
  • March – Surrogacy & fertility
  • April – Forging careers in family law
  • May – Out of court dispute resolution (Mediation/ Arbitration/ Private FDRs etc)
  • June – Parental alienation
  • July – Technology in family law
  • August – Legal aid
  • September – Domestic abuse
  • October – Burnout & wellbeing in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness week
  • November – Anti-Money Laundering and wider KYC compliance
  • December – 2026 predictions

Technical specifications

Contributors should aim to write in a clear, concise, and tight fashion which tells readers what they need to know within the first couple of paragraphs. The editorial team will edit copy to ensure it aligns with our writing style. Please note that any editorial changes other than typos, stylistic changes, and minor corrections that do not alter meaning will be sent to contributors for approval.

We ask that submissions for a feature piece fall between 400 and 1,000 words.

Contributors are more than welcome to utilise imagery, videos, diagrams, and graphs to tell their story more effectively if they see fit.

Contributors should send a headshot and professional title alongside any submissions to allow the editorial team to give credit accordingly.

If reporting on legal proceedings, contributors must consider reporting restrictions including anonymity and contempt of court.

Contributors should avoid making any representations that may be considered defamatory.

The submissions process

Contributors should send any draft articles through to the press inbox (

The publication has a weekly newsletter that circulates to our full subscriber database (Thursday newsletter, Tuesday COP deadline for submissions). Contributors/readers can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting the publication homepage and submitting their details in the link at the top of the page.


To speak directly with the Editor, email If you or your company is looking to submit advertorial content or has any other enquiry relating to partnership, please email For any wider enquiries relating to Today’s Media, its publications, or any of its activities, please email