Swinging The Odds In Your Favour

Top tips to stand out against your competition when it comes to quoting.

If you could increase the number of case files you open, without increasing the number of enquires you have to generate, what would that mean to your business?

Or, to put it another way, what if without increasing spend, you could increase revenue?

It sounds like the proverbial “no brainer” but so many law firms fall foul of simple ways they can win more work, particularly in disciplines like conveyancing and private client where there is a higher turnover of case files.

The crux of the issue is in the initial engagement with a prospective new customer. Get that right and you’re much more likely to win the work.

As the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” so you need to ensure that every enquiry is dealt with as effectively as possible.

One of the critical mistakes firms make is allowing themselves to be drawn into a price war with competitors. Simply sending an email with some information on presents your enquirer with only a small part of your proposition and in most cases enables them to make a decision based only on price.

The key to avoiding the “race to the bottom” is to convey the value of your proposition. No, you may not be the cheapest in the market, but given that a house purchase is for most the largest single transaction they will ever undertake, do they want cheap and cheerful? Or do they want a proper job for a proper price?

Even in a digital age the telephone is still the most effective way to communicate and firms should be striving as far as reasonably possible to speak with enquirers directly.

By making the effort to contact your enquirer directly you put yourself ahead of many of your competitors instantly.

From there it’s important you build up a conversation. It’s very easy to fall into “interrogation mode” particularly where there are a lot of factors which might influence any prospective quotation. This can make the conversation quite stilted and confrontational.

Instead, building rapport will help to smooth the flow of the conversation, help you to establish a relationship early, and enable  will ultimately help you win more new business from your existing enquiries.

Click here to read our 5 steps to winning more work from existing enquiries or for more information on how The Move Exchange can undertake this work for you contact us now.

Sarah Brocklebank






As Client Relationship Manager, Sarah plays a key role in helping our customers maximise their investment in The Move Exchange. Sarah and her strong, business-minded team are committed to helping firms win and nurture new business leads and improve conversion rates.
Speak to her today to find out how The Move Exchange could work for you.
Telephone: 0330 223 2913.

The Move Exchange is a quote and conversion service which helps law firms convert more business from existing enquirers, either as an entirely outsourced partner or as an overflow service. As a dedicated conversion specialist we have a strong track record of delivering significant increases in conversions rates for law firms and panel managers.

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