• April 13, 2024
 Special Feature: Interview with June Venters KC

Today’s Family Lawyer Podcast

Special Feature: Interview with June Venters KC

In an extended episode of the Today’s Family Lawyer Podcast host David Opie interviews June Venters KC, who has spent much of her legal career breaking down barriers promoting equal opportunities in the law.

In 1991 June launched Venters Solicitors, at a time when it was unusual for females to lead law firms. And in 2006 she was the first female solicitor to become Queen’s Counsel.

June talks about how her early life shaped her passion for justice and her unusual route to training to be a lawyer. In a colourful career she recounts sharing a taxi with Charlie Kray whilst doing work experience with her mother who was working in a criminal law firm at the time.

The conversation moves on to her becoming the first female solicitor to become Queen’s Counsel, again by a rather circuitous route. On her success, June is keen to point to role of hard work, diligence, and no little encouragement from those around her to “give things a go.”

“Opportunities in life are often presented,” says June, “and while not every opportunity materialises, if you don’t give it a go, you don’t know.”

Still actively working matters in her firm, June discusses some of the most rewarding cases of her career, with typical modesty focusing on righting the wrongs of a case where father had been prevented access to his children, rather than the high profile court cases she is known for.

And as an advocate for mediation and alternative dispute resolution, June explores the importance of cohesion, and education across family law to make ADR a first point of call for matter.

An inspiring discussion for people at all levels of the law, listen in to this latest podcast from Today’s Family Lawyer.

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