• April 13, 2024
 Practice Direction Update No 3 of 2023

Practice Direction Update No 3 of 2023

This Practice Direction (PD) Update No.3 of 2023 will introduce one new PD revoke one existing PD and make amendments to various existing PDs.

The following PDs are amended in order to ensure that their content matches the operational reality of various of HMCTS’s online application processes:

  • PD36P (Pilot Scheme: placement proceedings: procedure for specified steps to be taken via the online system)
  • PD36ZD (Pilot Scheme: online system for certain private law proceedings relating to children and for certain protective orders), and
  • PD41D (Proceeding by electronic means: public law proceedings and emergency proceedings relating to children).

PD Update No.3 of 2023 also makes provision to:

  • revoke the current pilot PD36ZB which underpins HMCTS’s online system to create and file an application for an adoption order in post-placement order proceedings; and
  • replace that pilot PD with a “permanent” new PD41E (Procedure for using an online system to complete and file certain applications for an adoption order)

The provisions in PD Update No.3 of 2023 came into force on 18 May 2023

PD making document (PDF)

Ministry of Justice

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