Financial remedy applications now fully online for legal professionals

From 31st January 2023, legal professionals must use MyHMCTS to submit and complete applications for contested and non-contested financial remedy.

Preparing for the change

There will be a transition period from Wednesday 1st February to Tuesday 28th February 2023. During this time, we’ll still process paper applications. This is to give legal professionals time to complete any final preparations before moving to MyHMCTS. After 28th February 2023, we’ll return all paper applications and related documents so that applicants can upload them to MyHMCTS.

This development completes the modernisation of financial remedy applications as part of the £1 billion investment to reform our courts and tribunals service. The change follows an amendment to Practice Direction 36N and applies to legal professionals. Members of the public can still apply both online and using a paper form.

Guidance and support

MyHMCTS is the online service for professionals to issue, pay for and manage applications within civil and family courts and tribunals. It has successfully processed over 14,000 financial remedy applications and allows professionals to manage divorce, probate, family public law and financial remedy applications in one convenient place.

Find more information on how to use online financial remedy services and how to sign up for MyHMCTS.

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