• December 7, 2023
 Domestic abuse: “We’ve a way to go yet”

Today’s Family Lawyer Podcast

Domestic abuse: “We’ve a way to go yet”

In this latest Today’s Family Lawyer podcast host David Opie is joined by family lawyer and domestic abuse specialist Richard Port MBE. 

Richard is well known to many family lawyers and the wider family law community for his outspoken views, particularly on social media. He has also been awarded an MBE for his commitment to his specialism and on this podcast he shares some of his experiences, hopes and frustrations for the law around domestic abuse and the wider social impact.

Richard is passionate about helping those affected get the right representation and works extensively within his local community and beyond. Challenged on whether he thinks the law is finally getting to grips with domestic abuse he suggests that progress has been made but that there are significant strides still to be made.

He reflects on the language of “domestic abuse,” no longer “domestic violence,” to encompass the different elements including coercive control.

He laments the stigma attached to victims, and reminds us that those affected come from all walks of life.  He discusses the need to “normalise” the conversation and improve the information around domestic abuse at all levels, from schools and young people through to the national press.

And despite government assurances that funding would be made available, it simply isn’t. Nor, says Richard, is there enough training on preventative initiatives like “domestic violence protection orders” and “domestic violence protection notices” and calls on officialdom to ensure that the right training is being provided to make better use of the resources available.

Discussing his own work Richard acknowledges that it is a challenging and at times “dark and daunting” calling but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. This latest podcast is a fascinating insight into the life of lawyer specialising in domestic abuse.

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