Celebrities being paid to deliver divorce news – reports

Customers are paying celebrities to deliver divorce news to their partners, according to a recent report in The Times.

People are able to use apps such as Cameo to allow fans to pay for birthday messages from celebrities and are now using it as a way to deliver bad news, including a husband who “paid for an influencer to ask his wife for divorce”.

Cameo has received almost 5,000 requests containing the word divorce in the instructions in the past three years, according to company data.

Recent data from earlier this year revealed that applications for divorce rose by 11% last year to 119,709, the most since 2012.

There were 24,273 divorce applications made between October and December 2022 under the new legislation. This was an increase of 5% from the same quarter in 2021, according to the Ministry of Justice.

In the same article, Robby Berger, a 30-year-old influencer was recently asked to make a Cameo video for a husband seeking a divorce. He told The Wall Street Journal:

“That was one of the most bizarre ones I’ve ever had. The husband that requested it said that it would soften the blow that it came from me.”

Lockdown saw an increase in “DIY divorces” and research conducted by Wilsons, revealed that 58% of all divorces in 2019/20 saw neither party appoint a lawyer, this rocketed up by almost half compared from the previous year (46% in 2018/19).

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