• November 29, 2023
 What is the “Good Divorce”?

What is the “Good Divorce”?

With Resolution’s “Good Divorce Week” in full swing this episode of the Today’s Family Lawyer podcast sees host David Opie speak with Annabel Andreou, a family divorce lawyer at Debenhams Ottaway about the ins and outs of a “Good Divorce.”

Annabel discusses her thoughts on what a “Good Divorce” might look and feel like from a client and practitioners point of view.

Annabel acknowledges that it may not be achievable in all cases, but that a “Good Divorce” should be the focus for all family practitioners; focusing wholly on the outcomes for the client.

Pressed on whether conceptually a “Good Divorce” is the same for all family law practitioners Annabel concedes the profession has some way to go to shed some of the stigma attached to family law; and highlights the work of organisations like Resolution in promoting a more positive message.

Indeed, says Annabel, promoting a more positive message has a commercial benefit for law firms beyond the final client bill, with culture, marketing and staff retention/recruitment all impacted.

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  • A very good podcast, which should act as a reminder for all senior lawyers and a way of teaching newly qualified family lawyers.

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