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What is ‘Resolution Together?’

Lisa Payne is an Associate at Wilsons Solicitors and joins the latest Today’s Family Lawyer podcast to discuss ‘Resolution Together.’ Also know as one lawyer, two clients, Wilsons have introduced the service in their firm with Lisa taking a leading role in championing it amongst the team and clients.

In this podcast Lisa discusses the impact it is having on her clients and her own family law practice., describing how the concept requires a mindset change from traditional family law in identifying and working with both clients to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome; rather than acting for one side only.

She also highlights the importance of introducing expertise around the matter as well, pointing to the role of divorce coaches, pensions experts, family therapists, counsel and others in supporting the practitioner, and clients, through the process.

You’re actually doing your clients a disservice if you don’t identify and point clients in the direction of further support says Lisa, encouraging practitioners to take a more holistic approach. Resolution Together is also more cost effective, and time saving as both parties hear what the advice from the experts is first hand jointly.

The response from clients, says Lisa, has been positive, suggesting the process is an organic move forward in the wake of the seismic changes brought about by no fault divorce.. rather than starting from a position of acrimony, couples have the option to divorce together, and importantly sort finances together at the same time.

That’s not to say that Lisa still feels a responsibility to point clients in the direction of independent legal advice where needed; or that Resolution Together is the right route for everyone. Indeed some start down the path before seeking separate representation.

But for Wilsons, family law is changing and this has prompted the decision to introduce the service which saw Lisa complete 40-50 hours of training on the practicalities of the process, as well as additional considerations around safeguarding and domestic abuse; where there is a risk of coercion and control.

Listen in to hear Lisa’s experience and insight into ‘Resolution Together. ‘

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