Top Tips for Common Objection Handling

Here are our top tips to help you when you’re objection handling.

Take a walk in your client’s shoes

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things a person will do in their lifetime, so remember when you’re talking to a client, empathise with their situation.  Try and establish the motive behind the move and identify any stresses that might be associated with it then offer any helpful advice that would give the client the gold star service feeling.

Getting to grips with their motivations for moving will help you build that rapport, and make the client feel that they’re not just a number. Saying things like ‘I know a good restaurant round there’, or ‘their local school is meant to be really good’ or ‘that’s close to the local amenities. There’s a nice little café in the centre called…’ will reassure your client that your firm is embedded in the heart of the community.

Identify your unique selling points

Finding a suitable location that is commutable to and from work, is one of the reasons people decide to move – as well as up/downsizing – and this is a factor that could make you stand out from the rest if you’re local to the home buyers new area. Offering an extended hours service, may make you more appealing and if you can arrange appointments to see clients this may encourage a two way relationship being built not only via telephone or email but also face to face.

Remain confident in the ability and reputation of your firm. A client likes to know that the person they trust has got a grip on the situation.

Thanks to the ‘Amazon effect’, people are used to getting things instantly, and these expectations have seeped into the property sector. Client’s can get frustrated and upset at times with delays as they don’t understand the conveyancing process. Establish the customer’s expectations and manage these at the outset to avoid potential stress and anxiety if delays occur.

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