• March 2, 2024
 The benefits of collaboration in family law matters

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The benefits of collaboration in family law matters

There are lots of people we can bring into family matters that will add value and help the solicitor along the way; and potentially save the client time and money. To discuss the topic of collaborative family law Stacey St. Clair a partner in the family team at Debenhams Ottaway joins Today’s Family Lawyer host David Opie. 

Stacey discusses the question of how we identify who, and when, we can bring in support the legal professional in the course of the matter.

“We must assess everyone on their story,”

says Stacey,

“who do we need around them to get the best advice and expertise. Do we need a  therapist, counsellor, pension adviser, private wealth adviser, divorce coach, etc”

Stacey says her experience is that clients are scared of the end, scared of what happens when the divorce is finalised but if you have that set up and network from the beginning they know they won’t be left on their own and they have that support throughout the matter.

In some instances it feels like you’re trying to “sell” this approach to clients, suggests Stacey. People don’t expect the conversation, they go to a lawyer because they want or need to get divorced; but it’s all about the service and explaining to them that this is best way to go.

And when cost is discussed the lawyer is able to explain that it’s more cost effective because having the right  tools to enable speedy discussions and reach a fair settlement, rather than go through the court process. Indeed, given the delays in the courts at the moment there is a greater desire, suggests Stacey, to move to settle rather than go through the court process.

This interesting discussion on collaborative family law provides a fascinating insight into the practitioners experiences of making it work on a day-to-say basis.

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