Private Client Network: On a mission to bring together all private client professionals

Private Client Network – Two UK based entrepreneurs are on a mission to bring together the worlds of family and private client law with financial advice, investment management and tax advice through their cross professional networking events.

Co-founders of the Private Client Network, Charlie Chami and Simon Tutton, have taken the successful format they started in Bristol and expanded into 8 other cities including Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

Private Client Network started in 2016 as Bristol Private Clients and decided to expand nationally in 2021.  The network hosts 6 in-person events per city, pre year, primarily breakfasts and wine tastings.  Live cities currently include: Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bath, Manchester, Exeter and London. Future expansion includes Cheltenham in Q4 2023 and Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow for 2024.

Charlie Chami an Independent Financial Adviser and Director at Bristol based Glamis IFA said:

“We are thrilled to have had such a great reception by so many people in so many locations.  People are always keen to expand their professional network and actually contacting us to see if we’ll start events in their area.”

Grow your business & gain new clients

As all current and aspiring partners will know, transitioning from practicing solicitor to new client acquisition can be very challenging.

The Private Client Network has grown out of exactly this need, which is the same across all the private client and family professions. How do you build a referral network?

Charlie Chami said:

“The direct approach of reaching out to firms individually is difficult and time consuming, especially for busy solicitors. I think the events have proved so popular because they were set up from the attendee perspective from day one.  The fact that there is such a great mix of professionals – lawyers, tax advisers, IFAs – in the room means that almost everyone is potentially relevant and useful, unlike more generalised networking events.”

The expansion has taken them across the South West, into Wales, the Midlands, London and the North of England.  Cities for 2024 include further northward expansion into Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow with other areas in the South, such as the Thames Valley, to follow.

Simon Tutton added:

“It’s been really exciting to expand Private Client Network to new cities and from that strong base we’ve been able to launch memberships and an online community.”

The network has now launched memberships including online networking as well as a ground-breaking learning library of cross-professional continuing professional development known as the Knowledge Collaboration.

Simon Tutton said:

“It is so exciting to embark on the next phase of our journey.  It is really rewarding to help people build relationships with others and see the active referring of business going on, especially in these tough economic times.  Whilst covid made us fundamentally question what we started, demand for in-person events came roaring back.  However, the genie is out of the bottle in terms of remote working technology so online expansion was the next logical step.”

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