Penny Raby & Co select Verify 365 for AML checks, ID checks, and source of funds

Penny Raby & Co, a highly regarded firm specialising in family law, has announced their partnership with Verify 365 – digital client onboarding solution. The firm’s aim is to improve their AML compliance and strengthen their identity verification and source of funds checks. This partnership reflects their continued dedication to providing clients with trustworthy, efficient, and compliant solutions that offer peace of mind.

Streamlining AML compliance

As a leading sole practitioner in the region, Penny Raby & Co had been using manual methods for AML compliance and ID verifications, which could take weeks to complete. Since switching to Verify 365, they have reduced the client onboarding time to only few minutes. This streamlined process allows the practice to focus more on delivering high-quality legal services to their clients while enhancing client satisfaction.

Benefits of Verify 365 AML Checks

According to Penny Raby, the Principal at Penny Raby & Co:

“We are impressed with Verify 365 Enterprise Platform technology, which allows us to meet the stringent Solicitors Regulation Authority compliance requirements, speed up the process of ID checks, as well as instant proof of address checks and source of funds verifications through FCA-regulated Open Banking, and ensures complete security of our client’s personal data. It was a no-brainer to switch to such advanced AML compliance system that provides a peace of mind to me and our clients.”

The need for improved efficiency

Rudi Kesic, CEO of Verify 365, stated:

“We are delighted to welcome Penny Raby & Co as our first sole practitioner client. Our digital verification technology is designed to help both large and small law firms to reduce client onboarding time, meet SRA and Lexcel compliance requirements and ensure trust and security. We look forward to continuing to support Penny and her team in delivering high-quality legal services.”

UK-developed biometric identity solution

Penny Raby & Co are set to benefit from the new partnership with full access to Verify 365’s latest technology, the “Enterprise” platform, which includes a UK-developed biometric identity solution – DynamicID, as well as a number of other cutting-edge features, such as FCA-regulated source of funds and wealth analysis using Open Banking and advanced analytics covering over 4000 banks, advanced electronic signatures, and digital ePayments, all part of a single client journey workflow.

The recently launched “Enterprise” platform enables law firms to simplify their client onboarding processes and improve efficiency while providing clients with a seamless and intuitive experience. With this partnership, Penny Raby & Co are positioning themselves as a leader in the sole practitioners group, leveraging the latest technology to deliver exceptional service to its clients.

“With Verify 365’s digital verification technology, we can now offer our clients the most advanced identity verification and AML compliance solution in the market. The onboarding process has been streamlined and improved, saving time and money, and improving client satisfaction,” added Penny.

To learn more about how Verify 365 can benefit your law firm, sign up for a demo today.

This article was submitted to be published by Verify 365 as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Family Lawyer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Family Lawyer.

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