Paralegal faces restrictions after ‘misleading divorce clients’

Francesca Nicole Mears, a former paralegal at Sills & Betteridge in Lincoln, has been restricted from working in any Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)-regulated firm without prior written approval from the SRA.

This decision follows Mears’ misleading actions in three divorce cases between July 2020 and September 2021. Mears had falsely led clients to believe that their divorce petitions were issued by the court and misrepresented court response delays, actions which she did not honestly believe to be true.

Her employment with the firm was terminated on 15th October 2021. The SRA imposed a section 43 order on Mears due to the serious nature of her conduct, which demonstrated a lack of integrity and dishonesty.

This order deems it undesirable for her to be involved in any legal practice without the SRA’s approval. Consequently, Mears is now barred from being employed or paid by any solicitor or recognized legal body unless she obtains prior written consent from the SRA.

This measure aims to uphold the integrity of legal practices and protect clients from potential misconduct.

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