Over 105k Childlline counselling sessions in the past year were for children struggling with mental health issues – report

In 2022/23, the NSPCC’s Childline service delivered more than 105,000 counselling sessions on mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Out of these, more than 30,000 were specifically related to stress and anxiety. 

The NSPCC are raising awareness of the struggles children and young people are facing with their mental health, and letting them know that they are never alone.

They are also calling for the government to commit to funding and delivering Mental Health Support Teams across all schools and colleges in England, in order to reach every pupil who needs help. The current target of access for 50% of pupils by April 2025 lacks the sense of urgency needed.

Children being able to access this early intervention support can prevent young people’s mental health problems from getting worse and reaching crisis point.

Shaun Friel, director of Childline, said:

“Young people may struggle with a range of mental health issues throughout their childhood and adolescence. This can be a time of turbulence, and so it’s important that children feel supported and uplifted.

Ensuring that young people have a network of support, whether that’s in school, with their peers, at home or through organisations such as Childline, helps young people take the first step to tackling these struggles. Childline is here for any child that may be struggling with their mental and emotional wellbeing.”

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