• April 19, 2024
 Notice of Change – removing a solicitor

Notice of Change – removing a solicitor

Karen Dovaston provided the update below regarding Notice of Change to her followers on LinkedIn, and has kindly allowed Today’s Family Lawyer to share it as a news story.

You can read Karen’s original LinkedIn post here.

“This is one for the PUBLIC LAW PRACITIONERS so please share:

Following the meeting in January, please see below response in relation to outstanding action RE: Notice of Change and when added to a case in error:

We have investigated the functionality to enable solicitors to remove themselves from a case if added in error, unfortunately we cannot provide this functionality as there is no way of restricting it for this purpose only or monitoring it has been used as intended and therefore not something HMCTS or Judiciary can agree to. Therefore the current process should be followed where you would need to contact CTSC contactfpl@justice.gov.uk to remove you from the case where you have been added incorrectly. You should continue to use Notice of Change to self-serve Submit a notice of change in representation using MyHMCTS – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)”

Karen Dovaston is Family Law Solicitor, Chair of the Law Society Family Law Committee, Arbitrator, Vice Chair of Forum of Family Arbitrators, and Owner and Founder of Dovaston Law.

Rebecca Morgan, Editor

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