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New tool launched to check clients’ eligibility for legal aid

Providers working in civil legal aid are now able to access a new financial eligibility tool called “check if your client qualifies for legal aid” (CCQ), the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has announced.

Assessments of a client’s means eligibility for civil legal aid will be produced by CCQ based on the information entered. The merits of the case cannot be assessed using this tool.

The CCQ tool can be used to perform a means calculation for both:

  • Certificated (licensed) legal work
  • Controlled work (legal help and family mediation)

The tool will make it easier for legal aid providers to assess eligibility for legal aid. Those interested in taking part in user research about CCQ should get in touch here:

Why is this happening now?

The previous civil legal aid calculator was removed in late 2021 having become outdated, according to the LAA.

Since then, the LAA have been testing the new tool with volunteer providers and improving it based on their feedback. They say it is now ready for use by all providers.

The new tool will be regularly updated to reflect the latest rules changes. This will include changes following the Means Test Review changes.

Check if your client qualifies for legal aid – access the tool.

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