New Support For Survivors Of Domestic Violence

New Support For Survivors Of Domestic Violence 

The Housing Secretary has announced that the Government will provide 75 projects across England with £16.6million to help survivors of domestic abuse. 

The funding is part of a government drive to bolster protection for survivors of domestic abuse, alongside the eagerly awaited reintroduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill and plans to ensure every council is able to provide essential support to survivors. 

It is hoped the funding will give a vital boost in providing life-saving support in safe housing for survivors and their children. 

It is estimated that up to 43,000 survivors will benefit from the funding, across 75 projects in England who will share the funding.   

Survivors will receive help by allowing them to stay save, give them time to recover from the trauma and access safe permanent rehousing, allowing them to move towards a safe future away from domestic abuse. 

Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick MP, said: 

Domestic abuse destroys lives and leaves victims living in fear in their own homes – the place where they should feel most safe and secure. 

No victim of domestic abuse should have to struggle to get the right support, or wait months for help that they need. This new funding of £16.6 million will help local areas better protect victims and their children and provide essential life-saving services, delivering the urgent support that they need to rebuild their lives. 

Each year over 2 million people and their families are affected by domestic abuse, devastating lives and leaving lasting effects on its victims and children. 

In October 2019, it was also announced by Jenrick, that in 2021 councils across England will have a legal duty to provide essential, life-saving support in safe accommodation to survivors of domestic abuse. 

Many councils currently provide support, however it can be a postcode lottery for survivors, therefore this new funding, along with the legal duty, will allow the same support regardless of where they live. 

Domestic abuse is definitely towards the top of the government’s list of priorities, with the Domestic Abuse Bill set to be reintroduced to the House.  The Bill will be the first to give a statutory definition of domestic abuse that will include economic, controlling and manipulative non-physical abuse.   

The Domestic Abuse Bill will also prohibit the cross-examination of victims by their abusers in family courts. 


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