• April 13, 2024
 New crime reforms mandate full prison sentences for rapists

New crime reforms mandate full prison sentences for rapists

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly set to unveil new initiatives that would force convicted rapists to serve their entire sentences, as reported by The Telegraph.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk has been tasked with crafting these proposals, expected to be incorporated into the upcoming King’s Speech in November and highlighted in forthcoming speeches.

A Conservative source characterized these changes as part of a broader “gear change” to reveal the authentic Rishi Sunak. In a recent speech, Sunak emphasized the need to address profound, long-term questions facing the nation.

Last month, Sunak signalled his intent to modify laws, ensuring that convicted criminals attend their sentencing hearings. Additionally, Sunak pledged that these murderers would face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, with judges mandated to impose the harshest penalties in the country’s criminal justice system, except under extremely rare circumstances. These changes would also establish the strictest punishment as the default sentence for sexually motivated murders.

Sunak stated:

“I have shared the public’s horror at the cruelty of crimes we have seen recently. People rightly expect that in the most serious cases, there should be a guarantee that life will mean life. They expect honesty in sentencing. By bringing in mandatory whole-life orders for the heinous criminals who commit the most horrific types of murder, we will make sure they never walk free.”

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