National Fertility Awareness Week – In/Fertility in the City Event

Next week marks the start of National Fertility Awareness Week (30th October – 5th November), and In/Fertility in the City are chairing their third event on Monday 30th October, hosted at Clifford Chance, Canary Wharf.

In/Fertility in the City works to break down the infertility taboo. They have a variety of people sharing their own fertility experiences, often with a slight focus on career, so that these types of conversations become the norm, and that there isn’t the fear of negative repercussions on your career if you need to explain your experience/journey to someone at work.

The event

Date: Monday 30th October 2023

Time: 5:30-8pm (agenda can be found here)

Where: Hosted at Clifford Chance, Canary Wharf office.

To book to attend, please click here.

The speakers at the event will be sharing their own experiences of fertility and the impact on their careers. There will, by nature of everyone experiencing things differently, be some positive stories and some slightly more negative. Hopefully, after though, they inspire conversation and a chance for a change in the workplace and the way everyone views fertility/infertility, and how people still have the careers they also want.

These events aren’t just for those who are trying for a baby, or are experiencing infertility issues, this event is for every one.  It is important that everyone is a part of the conversation and that people are more informed of the issues, challenges and journeys that are and can impact on loved ones and colleagues etc. and that a better culture for conversation on these topics is created.

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