mother of four children committed suicide

Mother commits suicide after fearing she would lose children in divorce

Mother of four stated “life would not be worth living” if she lost her children

A mother of four children committed suicide after she feared losing her children during divorce proceedings.

Kelly Higgins, who was 31 years-old, became entrenched in divorce proceedings with her previous partner, William Higgins, whom she was married to for 13 years.

Mr Higgins was attempting to get custody of the children. He claims he attempted to get Kelly to get a formal diagnosis for depression, which she refused to do.

Kelly apparently suffered from depression and anxiety after the couple’s first child died.

Relatives found her dead in December in her home in Yorkshire which was ruled by a coroner to be death by suicide.

She had previously told her step-dad that “if she couldn’t have the kids her life would not be worth living”.

Kelly’s step-dad commented:

“Kelly was a happy-go-lucky person but she and William were heavy drinkers which contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.”

A family member stated in the Coroner’s Court that:

“Kelly was a brilliant person and she was all about her kids. We just miss everything about her.

She was caring and would care for everybody. She is a huge loss to everyone who knew her.”

Kelly left a note to her new partner which read:

“I am sorry for everything. Thank you for everything, you are amazing and I am not sorry for loving you.

Please do one more thing and make sure my kids know how much I love them. I’m sorry for letting you down.”

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