Government's new strategy to protect children from sexual abuse

Government’s new strategy to protect children from sexual abuse

The Government has published a new nationwide strategy in a bid to protect children from all forms of child sexual abuse.

The ‘Tackling Child Sexual Abuse Strategy’ sets out our whole-system response to all forms of child sexual abuse to stop offenders.

In regards to details of the strategy, The Home Office state:

“This strategy is the first of its kind in setting out the government’s vision for preventing, tackling and responding to child sexual abuse in all its forms, whether it is committed in person or online, in families or communities, here in this country or overseas.

“The strategy is based on the following three objectives:

“objective 1: tackling all forms of child sexual abuse and bringing offenders to justice
“objective 2: preventing offending and re-offending
“objective 3: protecting and safeguarding children and young people, and supporting all victims and survivors

“The strategy captures our long-term ambition to tackle this crime. It outlines the concrete steps we are taking now to step up our response and provides a robust framework for government to drive action across all agencies, all sectors and society as a whole to carry on strengthening our response to all forms of child sexual abuse.”

To read the policy document click here.

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