Family Law Group Now A J9 Safe Space

Family Law Group are now a J9 Safe Space. The J9 Logo alerts survivors that they have a safe place to access information, use a telephone, and contact relevant support services.

After undertaking the necessary J9 Safe Space training, Family Law Group are now able to display the logo and better support survivors. The J9 initiative aims to assist survivors and provide them access to support safely in their own community. As a J9 Safe Space, Family Law Group can recognise and respond to survivors.

J9 understands that so many survivors feel that they did not get the chance to tell anyone about what they were experiencing, as it simply was not safe to do so. Victims of domestic abuse are often prevented from speaking to others and are heavily controlled, meaning the perpetrator often knows where they are at all time. J9 provides the necessary support and allows survivors to access it easily and safely.

The J9 initiative was set up in memory of Janine Mundy, a mother of two. Janine was killed by her estranged husband after suffering high levels of abuse over many years. Janine’s mother set up the J9 initiative alongside local police in Cornwall, in the hope of helping other domestic violence survivors. The aim of the J9 initiative is to create increasingly more safe places for survivors of domestic violence to access support safely and by trained professionals.

J9 has trained three thousand professionals to date from a whole host of industries, professions and sectors. The benefit being that survivors now have thousands of individuals ready to not only listen but also assist, and provide a source of safety.

Back in July 2023, Foundations launched a funding call, to get better support for domestic abuse programmes and to enable survivors to more readily access support in the local community.

Family Law Group said, “we can be a supportive, safe space for the survivors of domestic abuse. We are now not only able to offer the legal support in terms of warning letters and injunctions, but we are also able to be a Safe Space. Any survivor of Domestic Abuse can look out for the J9 pink heart and come to us for a phone to use to get support, a place to get advice, and a helping hand during the hardest point of their lives.”

For more information on J9 Safe Space Training click here.

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