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Family law ethics – 30 years in practice

The latest Today’s Family Lawyer podcast focuses on the tricky topic of ethics in family law. Joining host David Opie to discuss the ins and outs of the subject is Helen Young , head of the family team at Debenhams Ottaway.

With 30 years experience as a family practitioner, Helen brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. For many, instructing a family lawyer is a distress purchase. Helen points to adherence to the SRA code of conduct and Resolution code of practice as a blueprint for ensuring the highest standards of ethics are maintained.

In her role as a leader in the Debenhams Ottaway business, Helen discuses the importance of upholding clear ethics and expectations when it comes to creating the right culture; and highlights the challenge of getting recruitment right to maintain the right balance in the team.

It is well documented that there is a generational difference in the workplace as millennials and young lawyers want to do work that has purpose and value; so the responsibility of the employer is to ensure they have that work available, and a clear progression path for those that want it.

Helen also shares her thoughts on the current issues in family law (delays in the family courts etc), unbundling and the ethics of properly advising clients around alternative options like mediation, and the impact of no-fault divorce.

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