Family Law Conference – Manchester; £99 +VAT (CPD & Continuing Competence)

Following the success of the inaugural Today’s Family Lawyer Private Law Conference in 2023, the next edition will return to Manchester on 20th September 2024. The conference will cover cohabitation reform, the work ongoing around domestic abuse, ToLATA disputes, parental conflict and more. 

 The line up of expert speakers includes cohabitation campaigner Graeme Fraser (William Sturges), Richard Port (George Green LLP) whose work with survivors of domestic abuse has seen him recognised as MBE; Barristers Samuel Davis (42BR) and Shoba Aziz (Great James Street Chambers); and Kam Kaur (Parenting Apart Programme). As well as legal insights, the conference will also host a wide ranging panel discussion on the impact of domestic abuse and behaviours  with opportunity for delegate interaction.

With a mix of CPD/ continuing competence presentations alongside law updates and debate, the conference provides insight for practitioners into the challenges many private law practitioners face on a daily basis. Much of the content draws on the reporting through Today’s Family Lawyer, which as a daily online news publication, is at the forefront of family law goings on.

Venue: etc Venues, Manchester
Date: Friday 20th September 2024
Time: 09:00 (for 09:30 start) – 17:00
CLICK HERE to book your ticket – £99 +VAT pp. 


  • Cohabitation Law Reform in 2024 – Graeme Fraser

Graeme Fraser examines the current landscape in 2024 in terms of cohabitation practice and policy and projects the direction of travel for cohabitation law reform in England and Wales, having regard to how cohabitation practice could best be improved and most effective for the 3.5 millions couples cohabiting today.

  • How Gaslighting narcissistic behaviours are dealt with by the family courts – Shoba Aziz

Gaslighting and narcissistic behaviors are significant issues frequently observed in family court sessions. It’s crucial to comprehend these patterns to safeguard clients and to enhance the judge’s comprehension during trials. The forthcoming presentation will cover the origins of gaslighting, its effects on legal processes, as well as the characteristics of narcissism and the complexities legal professionals must navigate while preparing for court.

  • The disturbing evolution of Domestic abuse in our society and the family courts – Richard Port

Domestic abuse effects 1 in 5 people in our society but abuse has changed over the years. Long gone are the days where abuse was merely physical, tactics have developed and perpetrators are getting smarter. Perpetrators are now utilising technology, using the family court system and gas lighting to continue their control and abuse. Richard Port will discuss these changes along with practical tips and tricks to help your clients who could be victims of domestic abuse.

  • Private Relationship based TOLATA Disputes in 2024 = Samuel Davis

Sam will discuss TOLATA disputes that arise following the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship, the best approaches to those disputes in 2024, and recent developments in the law.

  • Early Intervention Strategies for Parental Conflict – Kam Kaur

This discussion explores the importance of early intervention strategies that support families when parental relationships face significant challenges. We will explore into the effects of ongoing conflicts between parents on children’s emotional and psychological health. What type of practical support and approaches that can help improve family relationships and child well-being.

Alongside the educational opportunities, the conference provides opportunity for networking, collaboration, and idea-sharing.

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