• March 2, 2024
 Child Abduction – “Habitual residence” and case complications

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Child Abduction – “Habitual residence” and case complications

Since 1993 Derek Parsons, a solicitor at RWK Goodman, has specialised in Child Abduction work and joins this latest Todays’ Family Lawyer podcast to discuss his experience.

Derek explores the reasons why children can become removed from their homes and the work he does in ensuring they are protected. Broadly speaking much of Derek’s work revolves around the Hague Convention, which protects children from removal from their “habitual home.” However, as Derek explains, there is more nuance to the issue and explains how culture and circumstance can impact his work.

What happens if the country you’re dealing with isn’t a member of the Hague Convention? How are issues with funding dealt with? How long do you need have lived somewhere before it becomes the “habitual residence?” How do we ensure children remain at the centre of the discussion, rather than become a pawn in the dispute between parents? At what age does the child have a more active say in their futures?

In a fascinating discussion Derek explores the origins and consequences of child abduction cases, the changing nature of the work and the impact of geo-political issues like Brexit and conflict, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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