• November 29, 2023
 Cansford Laboratories’ care guides lighten the load for family lawyers

Cansford Laboratories’ care guides lighten the load for family lawyers

Leading drug and alcohol testing laboratory, Cansford Laboratories, has introduced a suite of materials – a family law client toolkit – containing accessible guides about the drug, alcohol or DNA testing process.

Cansford Laboratories is the first in the industry to issue free client care guides to support family law clients. Navigating legal processes, especially those related to drug, alcohol, or DNA testing, can be daunting for clients who are unfamiliar with such procedures. Recognising the need for clear and accessible guides, Cansford’s toolkit includes downloadable booklets, audio guides, and videos, to explain the steps of drug, alcohol, and DNA testing.

This initiative gains particular significance considering the recent address by the President of the Family Law division, the Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlane. In his speech, Sir Andrew emphasised the need to ensure that family law clients, regardless of cognitive impairments, fully comprehend the legal process.

Understanding the challenges faced by some clients, Cansford Laboratories has designed the family law client toolkit to be easy to read, view and access, breaking down complex legal terminology into comprehensible terms. This approach aligns seamlessly with Sir Andrew’s call for accessible legal procedures that accommodate individuals with intellectual difficulties or challenges in understanding complex information and communication.

Accessing the guides is free and can be easily shared by family lawyers through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or in print, giving lawyers and clients a choice to suit their individual preference. By making complex legal processes more understandable, Cansford Laboratories aims to contribute to a more equitable legal system that caters to diverse client needs.

For more information, and to access the client care guides, visit Cansford Laboratories Client Care Guides

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At Cansford Laboratories, we offer the UK’s fastest, highest quality drug and alcohol testing service. Our team pioneered hair testing, dedicating our careers to improving and expanding the possibilities of drug and alcohol testing. Today, our methods are used by laboratories across the globe.


We offer a UK-wide drug, alcohol and DNA testing service for individuals and organisations in family law, social care, criminal law, education, and the workplace. We pride ourselves in providing accurate, reliable, and innovative UKAS-accredited results within three working days of instruction.


Every element of our laboratory and collections service is built around the needs of our customers. At every step, clients will be supported by a dedicated point of contact, who will help them choose the right test for their circumstances, answer questions, and provide instant access to our scientific team. Placing a strong emphasis on confidentiality, we ensure that all testing processes are conducted discreetly and securely. Clients can trust that their sensitive information and test results will be handled with the utmost care and privacy.


We also provide a flexible sample collection service UK-wide – with our team of collectors trained to make sample collections as quick, convenient, and comfortable as possible. We do everything in our power to make the process clear, simple, and stress-free.

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