Cansford Laboratories announced as headline sponsor of pivotal industry conference

Cansford Laboratories has been announced as the headline sponsor of the annual Resolution Family Practice Conference which will take place on 12th and 13th October, in Nottingham.

As a long-standing and trusted drug and alcohol testing partner within the family law sector, Cansford Laboratories is committed to supporting fair case decisions and aiding family lawyers in addressing testing-related challenges.

This year’s conference offers an invaluable platform for family lawyers to collaborate, share insights, and refine their skills, with a particular emphasis on the sensitive issue of domestic abuse—an area that requires expert handling by all family practitioners.

The use of steroids in the context of domestic abuse is a serious and concerning issue. While not all individuals who use steroids engage in abusive behaviour, there have been cases where the use of anabolic steroids has been associated with increased aggression and domestic abuse.  Other factors such as alcohol or drug abuse, a history of violence, stress, and underlying mental health issues can also contribute to domestic abuse of course.

Says Alex Swann at Cansford Laboratories:

“Being the headline sponsor of this conference reinforces our commitment to equipping family lawyers with vital information and support as they navigate the complex area of testing, which plays an important role in legal cases involving domestic violence.

Drug, alcohol and steroid testing can help safeguard domestic abuse victims by establishing clear records of substance abuse by the perpetrator, potentially influencing restraining orders or custody decisions. Test results can also compel individuals to seek treatment as part of their legal penalties, potentially breaking the cycle of addiction and violence. In addition, early identification of drug use allows legal professionals to take preventative actions to ensure victim safety and perpetrator rehabilitation.”

Cansford Laboratories will be on hand at the conference to provide important information on the latest drug and alcohol testing developments, to help equip family lawyers with the latest information to ensure that justice is served and victims are protected.

To access Cansford Laboratories’ guide about testing for steroid use, please visit

This article was submitted to be published by Cansford Laboratories as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Family Lawyer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Family Lawyer.

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