Your chance to help The Law Commission to shape Law Reform

Your chance to help The Law Commission to shape Law Reform

The Law Commission has announced its 14th Programme of Law Reform and is asking for contributions to help shape the priorities for the next three to four years.

A statement from the Law Commission reads:

“The Law Commission carries out law reform projects with the aim of making the law fair, modern, simple and cost-effective. The purpose of this consultation is to establish what new areas of law we should review in our next programme. To do this we are asking you to tell us where you think the law is failing to work properly.

“We want to hear about your ideas for reform. We have suggested a number of themes and some specific ideas for potential individual projects where we are keen to make the case for reform and therefore welcome comments.”

Some of the suggested areas of reform are:

  • Arbitration Act 1996 and trust law arbitration
  • Automated decision-making
  • Commerical Leasehold
  • Conflict of laws and emerging technology
  • Contempt of Court
  • Data sharing and information law
  • Deeds and variation of contracts
  • Family law
  • Home Buying
  • Justice in the digital age
  • Legal Protection of our Environment
  • Ownerless land
  • The UK statute book

The full list and more information about the reforms is available here.

It adds:

“Please do not worry if your idea for law reform is not mentioned or does not fit any particular theme; we still want to hear from you and are we are not limiting ourselves to the areas that we have outlined or to any particular theme.”

The consultation closes on 31st July 2021. More information about how you can get involved is available here.

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