• April 20, 2024
 Biden allocates $200m for women’s health initiatives in bid for second term support

Biden allocates $200m for women’s health initiatives in bid for second term support

In a strategic move aimed at securing backing from female voters for a potential second term, President Biden has signed an executive order directing $200 million towards initiatives focused on addressing women’s health concerns, as reported by The Times.

The funding, slated to be utilised by federal agencies in the upcoming year, will specifically target issues such as sexual and reproductive health to gain a better understanding of women’s needs.

Additionally, Biden has submitted a $12 billion package to Congress with the aim of expanding healthcare services for women. However, given the current Republican majority in the House of Representatives, the likelihood of the bill passing remains slim.

During a gathering of influential women at the White House, Biden emphasised the economic importance of not neglecting the health needs of half the population. He underscored the significance of abortion rights in the upcoming presidential election, urging voters to elect a Democrat-controlled Congress to safeguard these protections.

With women’s health emerging as a focal point in the election, Democrats are capitalising on reports suggesting that Trump may endorse an abortion ban, a claim not refuted by his campaign. Trump’s potential support for a 16-week ban, with exceptions for cases of incest, rape, and maternal risk, has stirred controversy. Trump’s recent remarks on Fox News hint at an impending decision on his stance regarding abortion policies.

While some factions within the Republican Party advocate for stringent abortion bans, such measures appear to lack widespread support among the electorate, according to polls.

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Digital Journalist, Today's Media

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