‘AI legal aid service’ expands with mobile application

An artificial intelligence (AI) platform claiming to provide an “innovative legal aid service” has expanded its service into a mobile application.

LawMate.AI uses technology to provide legal information and answer questions based on legal principles, case law, and regulations across various legal areas. The “pocket lawyer” can also draft legal documents.

The company says it has “revolutionised how people access legal information” since its launch in May of this year.

They describe their system as “a beacon of hope for individuals navigating legal challenges”. However, they say it doesn’t replace professional legal advice – rather, it complements it.

“We are committed to ensuring that legal aid is within everyone’s reach,” says founder Adrian Bude:

“Developing mobile applications for Android and iOS is a logical next step in making our platform more readily accessible, regardless of location or device.”

The Android application is under development and expected to be released soon. LawMate AI is simultaneously working on an iOS version of the application.

LawMate AI’s plans start at $5 per week.

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