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Today’s Family Lawyer is delighted to welcome on board 3 new businesses who have chosen to partner with the publication and showcase their products and services to the readership.

Bath Publishing, the most recent organisation to partner with the publication, has a long history of working with and supporting family lawyers, through its work on Family Law Week and the Family Law Hub.

Today’ Family Lawyer, which was launched in 2019 has recently been brought out of hibernation following the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Speaking about the opportunity partnerships offer David Opie, of Solve Legal, publishers of the popular “Today’s” publications, Today’s Conveyancer, Today’s Wills & Probate and Today’s Family Lawyer explains:

“Our partnerships enable organisations to engage directly with our readership of practitioners. We offer a range of marketing options including on-page advertising, partner directory listing, regular submissions to the publications, events and database e-shots to connect with the audience.”

The newest of the family of “Today’s” publications, Today’s Family Lawyer provides daily news, industry insight and best practice through the website and weekly newsletter.

Today’s Conveyancer and Today’s Wills & Probate are both recognised as leading industry publications in their respective sectors, with a similar investment in the family law space.

David Chaplin, a founder of Bath Publishing, explains why has got involved.

“This partnership maintains our presence in the family law community.

“Our aim is to always provide accessible books and training for family law professionals but also to help those who need their help. A good example of our approach is represented by two books that will be out in January and that tackle the problems raised when faced with a narcissistic clients in divorce proceedings. “Why two books?” people say to me. Well because one is aimed at the professional and the other, using a different emphasis and language, is intended to be read by their clients so both can be better informed with the issues in what can be difficult, stressful circumstances.

“Other books we publish such as The Family Court without a Lawyer, 101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children and The Secret Family Court: Fact or Fiction? are borne out of the same desire to make law as accessible as it can be for those who get caught up in it, which we hope can in turn help the professional adviser concentrate on providing individual advice and not explaining the processes.”

For more information about Today’s Family Lawyer partnership please contact David Opie on David.opie@practicalvision.co.uk

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