Today’s Family Lawyer Is Excited To Announce Their First Roundtable

Today’s Family Lawyer Is Excited To Announce Their First Roundtable

Following a successful launch of Today’s Family Lawyer back in the summer and the overwhelming response, we have received from family law professionals since we are delighted to announce our first family law roundtable. 

Today’s Family Lawyer, which gives a fresh look at the industry by keeping the sector informed of key changes, challenges, developments and opportunities, will host a roundtable at one of the UK’s oldest and largest chambers, 3PB Barristers in Birmingham on Wednesday 12th February 2020. 

After numerous family law specialists subscribed to the legal publication to hear the latest pertinent news and insights, smashing a subscriber milestone over the last few months, Today’s Family Lawyer Roundtable will bring professionals ample opportunity for debate and discussion on the day.  

It is a forum where everyone has the chance to share views on all that matters and which is challenging to them. Following the event, we will be writing up the discussion to feature on Today’s Family Lawyer publication to engage the industry and shine a spotlight on contributors.  

It is also an environment for you to network with peers, be brought right up to date with developments in the sector and build your profile in this ever-evolving area of law. 

If you are interested in attending Today’s Family Lawyer roundtable and/or would like more information, please email or call 01829 307798.

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