Resolution’s Response To Report On Medical Experts in the Family Courts

On the 17th February, Resolution, a community of family justice professionals, gave its response to a draft report from the President of the Family Division’s working group on experts in family law. 

The response included specific points on legal aid and highlighted the “helpful and collaborative” guidance for experts from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).  It was also noted that there appeared “to be a desire on the part of the LAA to improve the guidance so that it works better for practitioners and the LAA alike.” 

The main points from the draft response were regarding payment and legal aid as well as rates for experts. 

To avoid multiple applications to instruct an expert, Resolution have asked if one application can be made, for prior authority, on behalf of all parties to instruct an expert.  The LAA can accept one invoice, with parties splitting the cost, however as with the multiple applications, the LAA will be published shortly. 

Regarding the rates for experts, Resolution stated that it is “difficult to support any increase in rates for experts when legal aid rates for legal professionals are so far behind market rates and have not been reviewed for many years.” 

Have you read the draft report of the President of the Family Division Working Group?  Do you agree with Resolution’s response? 

The full response from Resolution can be found here. 

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