Ofsted launches consultation on proposed changes to post-inspection arrangements

Ofsted have published a consultation on proposed changes to their post-inspection arrangements, including how they handle complaints about their work.

Ofsted propose to: 

  • enhance on-site professional dialogue during inspections to help address any issues before the end of the inspection visit
  • introduce a new opportunity for providers to contact Ofsted the day after an inspection if they have any unresolved concerns
  • introduce new arrangements for finalising reports and considering formal challenges to inspection outcomes
  • replace our current internal review process with a direct escalation to the Independent Complaints Adjudication Service for Ofsted (ICASO) and add a new periodic review of closed complaints, using external representatives from the sectors we inspect.

In designing changes to the current arrangements, Ofsted want to keep the process “simple and not overly burdensome for providers”. They also want to maintain pace, so that decision-makers, parents and others are not left waiting too long for inspection outcomes to be published. I

They also want providers to feel that the process is fair and gives them a chance to contribute effectively, and that any challenge will be considered thoroughly. Any new process must also be deliverable within the resources and scope of Ofsted.

The consultation runs from Monday 12th June 2023 to Friday 15th September 2023. They will publish a report on the outcome of the consultation on our website in due course.

Click here to read the full consultation.

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