Danielle Barbereau BA, MA, MAC, Divorce coach, providing emotional support to clients during divorce and separation

Danielle is a leading divorce specialist, helping clients navigate the challenges and emotions of separation, including helping them make the decision to separate or stay together. She has been self-employed for 10 years, working with over 1,000 individual clients, who are all referred by family solicitors. She regularly presents to family lawyers (conferences, collaborative pods and family law firms).

Danielle is the author of ‘After The Split’, The Definitive Guide to Recovery when Relationships Break Down’ (2015). The 2nd edition (2020), was described by a reader as ‘a practical no nonsense guide that you will find yourself turning to, over and over again’. The readers of Today's Family Lawyer can purchase the book at a reduced rate of £6.99 through Danielle rather than retail price of £9.99.

She trained with Barefoot Coaching (providers of Masters in Coaching). Prior to her coaching career, she worked in senior management roles in Russell Group Universities.
She raised her two daughters singlehandedly, found love again in her late 50s and got married. She loves her life and is passionate about her work.

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Supervision: The ‘Repair Shop’ for Family Lawyers

My client, a senior associate, revealed that she was struggling at work. She described: lacking motivation, doubting her professional judgement, losing confidence, sleeping badly and not even enjoying her time off. Working in family law can bring many pressures which take their toll. As a result, some lawyers consider leaving the profession. For this reason, […]Read More

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The importance of setting boundaries

When their relationship breaks down, our clients are dealing with a turmoil of emotions, which often leaves them confused and vulnerable.  To make matters worse, some boundaries in their new lives can become blurred. For example, one ex-partner kept his bikes at my client’s house, another returned there for his daily shower; both clearly exerting […]Read More

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How a divorce coach can support family solicitors

How a divorce coach can support and add value to the work of family solicitors…….. For 10 years now, I have been working exclusively with clients going through painful separations. My work is referred by family solicitors. Their feedback confirms my belief that my role supports and complements their legal work. ‘I want to help […]Read More