Driving the value of content

Driving the value of content

Content marketing is one of the most valuable tools we have under our belts and content articles within the legal sector continue to be a great source of information and engagement when it comes to talking to prospects or existing clients.

During the pandemic we have really seen a surge in thought leadership articles, in May Legal Futures reported research taken up by marketing platform Passle. It showed that the country’s major law firms created over 37k blogs in comparison to 33k in 2018. Obviously in response to the pandemic and the need for insights around it for their clients.

As we become more digitally minded and the thirst for content at our fingertips continues it is imperative that the content, we are providing for our readers continues to be relevant, topical and ultimately drive value for the business.

Our recent webinar addressed this, in which we discussed maximising the value of content we discussed the types of articles that will drive everlasting value for years to come.

Make it evergreen

This kind of content is referred to as ‘evergreen content’ it doesn’t just act as a one-off piece, and it won’t die of irrelevance within weeks of it going live. It is timeless and it may be content you already have in existence that you haven’t realised is there or it may be time to start thinking about pulling it together.

Evergreen content will still be driving organic traffic years down the line from when it is first published and due to the SEO benefits of evergreen content, the web traffic will ultimately drive more leads for the business. Plus, it will always remain informative and will always retain the original quality.

So, for example, in thinking about the Wills and Probate sector, a Will checklist or a piece about comparing Wills and Trusts will remain relatively the same as time goes on. As will a guide to moving house or renovation tips when thinking about articles within the conveyancing space.

Top tips

When thinking about writing this kind of evergreen content, there’s a few tips to adhere to.

Choose topics wisely – It is important you are writing about what your readers want to hear and more importantly what is suitable for your target audience. By looking at competitors you can understand what others are writing about and start to collate popular topics to draft.

Competitor research will enable you to see how others are writing about these topics and what is being missed within your areas of expertise.

Also, keyword research will help you to identify popular search terms around themes, giving you further ideas for topics to write about.

Do your research – Even though you know your area of law well and have an in-depth understanding it is always important to research around what you want to write about.

Especially when writing evergreen content. This content needs to stand the test of time, so it being well researched with references and quotes that back up your points will be viewed as informative and higher quality, it is therefore more likely to receive shares and back links.

With writing content daily for our publications at Today’s Media we have access to consumer research data, industry paywall publications as well as news content sites so our content is always relevant and well researched.

Brand awareness – Make sure your content is in line with your offering. If your content fits what you are offering, and visitors are finding great content that helps and suits their needs they will remember you and return to you whenever they need this type of content.

If you specialise in family law for instance stick to family related articles such as divorce, cohabitation and mediation for example.

Brands like IKEA do a great job of staying on brand, one piece they have inexistence showcases the core content being around how to furnish a room for a teenage fashionista, with tips and product ideas. This content is evergreen however it is kept fresh by reviewing the products and keeping them up to date in line with what they are offering in store and online.

Resurfacing content

Another great way of adding value when it comes to content is resurfacing content you already have in existence. You may have a piece where the core content is absolutely on point and still as relevant as the day it was put live a year ago, however those stats or quotes you used to make it richer and more informative have gone a little out of date.  A content cleanse or audit of your website and social channels will identify the articles that need a freshen up from a quote or statistics point of view.

Performing an audit will also mean you can look at what topics you may be thin on or if you have too many articles around a particular theme that can be homed in to one perfect piece. At Today’s Media we offer a free content cleanse as part of our content offering, so if of interest please contact Lindsay Gibson, t: 07736 015 803 or e: [email protected]  to find out more.

Or if you are interested in our ready-made content packs that include valuable evergreen content for use within the conveyancing, wills and probate and family law space please contact Lindsay.


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How content can help your business grow

Content marketing is an invaluable tool when it comes to growing your business. If the content you produce is helpful and informative you will be viewed as a credible and authoritative source on your area of expertise. It also plays a key role to drive genuine trust and quality leads.

However, writing good quality and engaging content can be rather time consuming. One of the main challenges we hear is that firms are just too busy in their day to day roles, to invest time in focusing on writing content for their business, especially when this time can be better spent with a client.

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