Coronavirus Advice For Family Lawyers

Coronavirus Advice For Family Lawyers

The coronavirus – Covid-19 – pandemic has seemingly sent the world into a spin. With people fighting over groceries and toilet roll, organisations and entire countries deciding to lock down, it can be difficult to comprehend what advice to follow.

With some countries in complete lockdown, others are taking a more progressive approach. The UK is currently in the ‘delay’ phase of the governmental plan to tackle the virus.

Here at Today’s Family Lawyer we’d like to give you some practical advice, to help you maintain a ‘business-as-usual’ approach.

We recommend that:

  • Conduct face to face meetings only when completely necessary. If it’s possible, limit the contact you have with clients. If you do need to meet with them, it may be worthwhile conducting a risk assessment to see if they’ve been in contact with anyone who has had the virus
  • Reassure clients/suppliers/customers that business is as usual but you are taking precautions to ensure both their and your safety in accordance with the governmental advice given on regular basis. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday 16th March in the first of his daily Covid-19 briefings that social gatherings and unnecessary travel should be avoided
  • Follow the World Health Organisation’s advice regarding hand hygiene and advice around self-isolation if you feel under the weather, or you’ve been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Check your insurance policy. In the Chancellor’s budget last week, the Government announced it will cover sick pay costs for small to medium businesses. Now is the time to check your insurance policies, as knowing exactly what you’re covered for will help prepare you for any worst-case scenario situations

However, the nature of this virus means that it’s an ever-changing beast. The most vulnerable in society have been advised to take additional precautions which could last up to 12 weeks. These include the over 70s and pregnant women.

We want you to keep yourselves and your client’s safe, continue to listen to the advice issued daily by the government and the world health organisation.

Do you think these steps are enough to prevent the spread of Coronavirus? Are there more steps which could be taken?

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