Case study: 5 reasons this firm uses Clio for case management

Case study: 5 reasons this firm uses Clio for case management

When it comes to choosing a case management software for your law firm, Clio knows that your time is precious and that every firm’s needs are unique.

That’s certainly the case for one Middlesbrough firm, the Immigration Advice Centre. They switched to Clio after first trying a variety of software solutions to manage their caseloads and their billing processes. While those other case management software solutions proved costly, hard to manage, or time-consuming, Clio has changed the way the firm works.

On the launch of its brand-new legal aid feature for England and Wales, Clio spoke to Sarah Rogers, Founder and Director of the Immigration Advice Centre, to find out why the firm has switched to Clio.

Here are five of the top Clio features that cut down on administrative time and improve efficiency, according to Sarah:

1 – It’s an easy and affordable legal aid billing solution

Clio is just a lot more user-friendly than other legal aid software solutions we’ve used. It’s quicker and easier. Getting that invoice prepared ready for CWA Portal is so much faster with Clio. It also costs much less than our previous provider also, with no hidden add-ons.”

2 – It’s cloud-based

The fact that Clio is online, rather than it being a programme downloaded to our PCs, makes it so much easier to use. If somebody gives me a query and I’m on my phone, I can check it and access it from everywhere. It also means I can access it from any computer rather than being tied to one particular computer.”

3 – It makes document sharing easier

It’s so much easier for us to share documentation. Clio allows us to send clients documents to sign, and to sign authorisations without anyone having to come into the office to share documents with us. We no longer have to send clients millions of emails. Clio has allowed us to cut down on that.”

4 – It’s easier to connect with clients

While I couldn’t give up face-to-face meetings completely, I love sitting at my desk and being able to communicate with my clients without not having to worry about them coming into the office without appointments. We can communicate through Clio’s client portal. Using it, together with our website, as a portal for clients, we can share things, and we can book appointments with them remotely.”

5 – It cuts costs and is environmentally friendly

Clio has allowed us to do a lot more online. We’d always thought we wanted to go paperless, and Clio’s made that a lot easier. Between not having to send anything by individual email and not having to print things, our copying costs have gone down massively.”

To read more about why Clio has been a game-changer for Sarah and her firm, especially when it comes to legal aid work, check out the case study.

Or, to see for yourself how Clio can support your firm’s unique needs and requirements, schedule your free demonstration with our team.

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The law is complicated enough—make running your firm easier.

Clio, the leading cloud-based legal case management software, provides everything conveyancing firms need to:

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  • Do more billable work (in less time)
  • Meet compliance and security standards (including GDPR and SRA)
  • Manage your firm with ease

Clio is working in partnership with The Law Society of England and Wales and is an Approved Supplier for The Law Society of Scotland.

UK Solicitors love Clio’s case management software.

  • “Choosing Clio has been the best decision I’ve made as a sole practitioner. Clio has transformed how we work, so we can be the best law firm for our clients.” — Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE | SKB Law, Bradford
  • “Over the past three years, Clio has become the essential tool for our firm’s growth.” — Arun Chauhan | Tenet Law, Birmingham


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