Clio launches “game changing” legal client software in the UK

Clio launches “game changing” legal client software in the UK

Clio, a leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, has today announced the much-anticipated UK release of Clio Grow, its legal client intake and client relationship management solution already used by thousands of legal professionals in North America.

Since 2015, lawyers in the UK have relied on Clio Manage—the world’s leading legal practice management software—to manage clients, organise matters, automate tasks, and to simplify time recording and billing processes. When combined, Clio Manage and Clio Grow form the Clio Suite, the legal industry’s first and only end-to-end software solution focused on enhancing the client experience.

“The introduction of Clio Grow to the UK market is part of our commitment to ensuring that legal professionals around the world are equipped with the tools they need to be both cloud-based and client-centred,”

said Colin Bohanna, Clio General Manager, International.

“By continuously improving our offering to the legal profession, we’re helping firms remain consistently and predictably profitable while also making it easier for those in search of legal representation to connect with a lawyer anywhere, anytime.”

Better client experience; increased revenue

 Providing a better client experience is profitable for firms: As highlighted in Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report, law firms using client intake and relationship management software saw as much as 20% more cases and 9% more revenue in 2020—earning an equivalent of £28,000 more per lawyer (figure calculated based on estimated revenues per lawyer in US dollars for American law firms).

Aside from the financial benefits, the positive effect for both clients and for firm staff can be immeasurable. For UK solicitor Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, founder of SKB Law, which has Yorkshire and London offices and has a focus on family law and providing legal advice at an affordable cost, efficient time management and easier client contacts are paramount to her firm.

“My priority is making sure every client feels valued. As a busy sole practitioner, I’m constantly juggling a lot of tasks and time-sensitive matters, so finding a way to streamline our client intake process and being able to automate administrative follow-up frees me up to do the work that really matters for my clients. Importantly, it makes the process easier and more efficient for our clients, saving them time or resources. Clio Grow is game changing for SKB Law.”

The client relationship software, newly released in the UK today, as well as to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, enables legal professionals from all backgrounds and roles to create better client relationships from first contact through a number of features including:

  • Quick intake forms, scheduling, and e-signature tools that mean firms can engage and retain new clients in moments, not days.
  • Automated follow-up emails and reminders to keep clients updated.
  • Analytics and reporting tools that allow users to get a bird’s eye view of their client pipeline using so they never miss a single opportunity to connect.

The company is currently scheduling demonstrations to show how Clio and the new Grow solutions can work for family law firms in the UK. To schedule a demonstration, click here.

To celebrate the launch of Clio Grow to the UK and EMEA, Clio will also be holding a free 30-minute event, hosted by Colin Bohanna, Clio General Manager, International, to discuss the features of Grow. A Q&A portion will follow and attendees will have an opportunity to win prizes.

This event will take place on Tuesday, 20 July, at 11 a.m. BST.

For more details about this free event, or to register, see Clio’s events page.


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The law is complicated enough—make running your firm easier.

Clio, the leading cloud-based legal case management software, provides everything conveyancing firms need to:

  • Organise cases and matters in the cloud
  • Deliver superior client service (including a secure client portal)
  • Do more billable work (in less time)
  • Meet compliance and security standards (including GDPR and SRA)
  • Manage your firm with ease

Clio is working in partnership with The Law Society of England and Wales and is an Approved Supplier for The Law Society of Scotland.

UK Solicitors love Clio’s case management software.

  • “Choosing Clio has been the best decision I’ve made as a sole practitioner. Clio has transformed how we work, so we can be the best law firm for our clients.” — Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE | SKB Law, Bradford
  • “Over the past three years, Clio has become the essential tool for our firm’s growth.” — Arun Chauhan | Tenet Law, Birmingham


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