Ms Nicole Jacob’s Announced As The UK’s First Domestic Abuse Commissioner


Wednesday 18th September, saw the announcement of the UK’s first Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Ms Nicole Jacobs.  Following the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill to Parliament in July, part of the Bill was to establish an office of an independent Domestic Abuse Commissioner.  The position would play a key role in overseeing and monitoring the […]

Civil Partnerships For Hetrosexual Couples


Civil Partnerships vs Marriage Civil Partnerships award essentially the same rights to couples as Marriage does. There are a few notable differences between Civil Partnerships and Marriage: Civil Partnerships cannot be formed in a religious ceremony on a religious premise, Marriage is formed by vows; Civil Partnerships are formed by signing of the Civil Partnership […]

Importance Of A Clean Break Order For Divorcing Clients

Importance Of A Clean Break Order For Divorcing Clients

To some clients, the thought that their soon to be ex-spouse may have a claim over any future wealth may seem bizarre.  Why should a person whom you have ended your relationship with have an entitlement over any part of your finances, possibly years down the line? As any family lawyer will know, ‘til death […]