Month: March 2021


LSB rally call to put consumers at heart of legal

The Legal Services Board (LSB) launched a consumer-focussed strategy for legal services in England and Wales, and called for collaboration to reshape legal services to better meet society’s needs. The ambitious ten-year strategy reflects that the significant challenges facing the legal services sector can only be tackled by people and organisations working together to pursue […]Read More


Cleanse your content

This week we just wanted to cover the importance of keeping on top of your existing content. If you have a website or social channel you will have content that is already in existence. As content is quite high on the list in terms of recruiting new customers and continuing to build that ever important […]Read More


Spotlight shone on international surrogacy

In this article Ralph Marnham, Barrister at 4PB, shares his insight into international surrogacy. International surrogacy has come under the spotlight recently with the news that the Chinese actor Zheng Shuang was dropped by the luxury fashion brand Prada, after her former partner accused her of abandoning their two US-born surrogate children. The row erupted […]Read More


Covid-19 and child maintenance

Harriet Donavan is a solicitor at Stowe Family Law, shares her insight into the impact the pandemic has had on child maintenance and how practitioners can best support families navigating difficult times in their lives. Thousands of single parents have had their child maintenance payments reduced or stopped due to the financial impact of the […]Read More


Intercountry adoption: exception requests

The Department for Education (DfE) has published information about exception requests to adopt children from countries with special restrictions. The guidance is aimed at prospective adopters and outlines the Department for Education’s process for handling exception requests to adopt children from countries where special restrictions are in place. The information reflects and expands on the […]Read More

Features uncategorised

The importance of setting boundaries

When their relationship breaks down, our clients are dealing with a turmoil of emotions, which often leaves them confused and vulnerable.  To make matters worse, some boundaries in their new lives can become blurred. For example, one ex-partner kept his bikes at my client’s house, another returned there for his daily shower; both clearly exerting […]Read More


Content is King webinar recap

Last week we hosted the first in our 8 weekly content marketing webinars for Today’s Media. It was so exciting to see such a good turn out and have lots of great feedback around the content. In our piece this week we just wanted to cover what happened at our webinar if you missed it, […]Read More